Our interdisciplinary tax law practice offers high-quality tax consulting services and local and international tax planning services. 

We have experience in designing and implementing tax efficient structures for inbound and outbound investments together with local transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), tax-free and taxable acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, spin-offs, and dispositions, often with cross border components. 

We have a team of 14 attorneys specifically devoted to tax matters, some of which are permitted to practice in the US. Our tax practice is focused on forming teams of attorneys experienced in each client’s specific industry, achieving both pioneering and efficient solutions that can meet our client’s needs.

Portfolio of services
Tax advice and tax planning
  • Tax advice and permanent tax planning in connection with Colombian taxes for international or cross-border operations/transactions.
  • Tax planning and implementation of tax-efficient structures for M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions), tax-free and taxable acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, spin-offs, reorganizations and restructurings.
  • Provide advice on the interpretation and application of double taxation treaties in connection with corporate mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings.
  • Providing tax advice to international clients focused on the analysis of tax recovery, tax credit and effective taxation of their businesses in Colombia.
  • Tax structuring for corporate finance and funding transactions, recapitalizations and leasing transactions.
  • Providing tax advice to financial entities, including private equity, hedge fund transactions and local and international indentures.
  • Providing tax advice and tax planning for national and foreign individuals (expatriates).
Tax compliance services
  • Strategic review of tax returns.
  • Strategic review of national and municipal tax impacts.
  • Providing tax advice on transactions / operations demanding accounting support.
  • Providing advice on the preparation of internal documents and assistance with the preparation of tax-related documents.
Tax litigation
  • Drafting of responses and related documentation for summons and other tax authorities’ information for disclosure requests.
  • Providing advice and representation in tax disputes and tax litigation (before the tax authorities and the tax courts).
  • Providing advice at any stage of tax-related proceedings, including early referral, mediation, and settlements with the tax authorities or appeals, among other services.
  • Representation during proceedings and advice on the design of commercially feasible strategies.
Tax procedures before the competent authorities
  • Providing advice and representation in tax refund procedures.
  • Drafting of tax bills and regulations for discussion before Congress and the Government.
  • Providing advice on the preparation and discussion of tax and legal stability agreements.
Transfer pricing
  • Transfer pricing advisory and analysis.
  • Drafting and review of transfer pricing returns/reports and transfer pricing supporting documentation.
  • Providing advice in connection with the interpretation and application of the Colombian transfer pricing regime.
Tax due diligence
Tax planning for MERCANTIL COLPATRIA regarding the restructuring of portfolio investments abroad, in accordance with the regulations introduced by the 2016 tax bill.
Tax planning and implementation of structures for the internationalization and expansion of TERRANUM/PEI projects in Colombia.
GRUPO BANCOLOMBIA: Tax planning regarding tax efficient intra-group transactions in Colombia Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and El Salvador, among others. Brigard Urrutia is the leading counsel of the project.
Tax planning to ISA S.A. E.S.P. regarding the structure of the Group and the execution of its projects in Colombia.
Providing tax advice to LAFRANCOL during negotiations for one of their most relevant transactions in Colombia.

Our advisory consisted of the tax planning of the structure that was finally implemented by the parties, including the analysis and coordination with foreign attorneys with respect to the foreign tax implications of the sale.

Tax planning to EPM for the design of a holding structure for investments outside of Colombia. Analysis of tax efficient alternatives to hold investments in Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.