Our multidisciplinary team knows and understands the oil and gas business in Colombia, its legal framework, its participants and the authorities that regulate it, which allows us to accompany our clients in the decision-making process and the execution of projects efficiently and sustainably, making us an ally of legal services in the development of operations. 

Our clients appreciate the practical business-oriented knowledge in legal matters that our team can offer, and this is based on the deep knowledge of the sector, its stakeholders, and the constant monitoring of changes in the legal framework. 

With the support offered by highly specialized practice areas in the Firm, we are constantly selected by foreign investors in the oil & gas industry who want to invest and develop projects in Colombia. Thus, as part of our advisory, we offer the evaluation of the legal framework, identification of commercial opportunities, and the acquisition of oil & gas projects and participations in companies in the hydrocarbons sector. We understand the contractual dynamics of oil service companies and support them in the structuring of contractual efficiencies. 

We have extensive experience in performing due diligence of oil projects, both upstream, midstream and downstream, concerning regulatory and compliance matters, in order to resolve issues related with title to O&G assets, management of contracts, relevant filings and the procedures that need to be completed before governmental authorities.
We often work as co-counsel with leading international law firms advising clients in a variety of oil & gas matters, including cross-border acquisitions, project financings, capital markets transactions, as well as in the context of the resolution of disputes before international courts and arbitration panels. 

Legal Framework
  • Matrix of Legal Framework.
  • Matrix of Contractual Obligations.
  • Advice on regulatory matters of the sector, including the analysis of international industry standards. 
  • Regulatory amendments and legal developments.
  • Representation before trade and business associations. 

Advice and support in the negotiation, drafting and development of:

  • Exploration and Production Agreements (E&P). 
  • Technical Evaluation Agreements (TEA). 
  • Association Agreements. 
  • Joint Ventures, Joint Operating Agreements, PSA, Farm Outs // Farm- ins. 
  • Due diligence of oil & gas projects. 
  • Matrix of Legal risks and development of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Manual of Periodic Information – Formal Obligations.
Selection Processes
  • Advice during selection processes for the allocation of O&G blocks with the National Hydrocarbons Agency and Ecopetrol.
  • Review of the terms of reference.
  • Advice in the assignment of interest participations in hydrocarbons contracts.
  • Advice in the acquisition of assets and hydrocarbons projects.
Midstream and Dowstream
  • Integral advice in the construction and/or expansion, purchase, assignment and sale of interest participation in:
    • Infrastructure and facilities for transportation and refining of oil and gas.
    • Refineries and processing plants. 
  • Negotiation of crude oil and gas transportation agreements, interconnection agreements, operation and maintenance agreements and other related contracts. 
O&G Service Providers
  • Drafting of documents for tender processes conducted by the operator in order to align them with international standards.
  • Drafting and negotiation of Master Services Agreements (MSA) and tailor-made contracts for specific services.
  • Drafting and negotiation of Standard Terms and Conditions (STC).
  • Identification of the main provisions of contracts that affect the economic balance of a project.
  • Advice in the implementation of alternative contracting options for field development schemes such as:
    • Bundle services; 
    • Integrated operations;
    • Incremental productions;
Fuel Supply Chain
  • Advice on the legal framework related to the distribution chain of fuel (importer, refiner, wholesaler, retailer, large consumer). 
Integral Services
  • Corporate and tax structuring of the most efficient business vehicle to carry out activities in Colombia under the existing legal framework. 
  • Labor employment laws matters related to the hiring of staff for the execution of activities, including the immigration procedures.
  • Negotiation of instruments for the acquisition of projects, companies and assets in the hydrocarbons sector, including cross-border acquisitions. 
  • Due diligence of oil and gas projects, whether upstream, midstream or downstream.
  • Risk mitigation strategies associated with the activity, ownership, management and administration of O&G contracts and assets, and the monitoring of procedures before government authorities. 
  • Customs procedures for the importation of goods, assets and equipment required for the operation, as well as the implementation of customs regimes that provide efficiency to operations. 
  • Special foreign exchange regime applicable to operating companies and service companies, including constant advice on investment management and lending facilities for the development of activities. 
  • Construction of a robust compliance regime, in line with national regulations and the standards of the hydrocarbons industry.
  • Obtaining and managing the environmental instruments necessary for the development of a sustainable operation in line with the current legal framework.
Advice in the acquisition of Amerisur Resources by Geopark.
Advice in the seismic campaign of the Bolette Dolphin drillship in the Caribbean Sea.
Advice in the financing of the modernization of the Cartagena refinery and the expansion of its refining capacity from 80,000 bpd to 165,000 bpd.
Advice in the acquisition of the fuel retail operation in Colombia by Primax.
Advice in the acquisition of Platinum Energy and COG Energy by Denham Capitals.
Advice in the financing through senior notes of Canacol Energy and Pacific Rubiales.
Advice to Petrobras in the organization of its certain oil & gas assets located in Colombia.
Advice to Dolphin Drilling concerning the supply of services to E&P operators carrying out exploration and exploitation activities in the offshore Caribbean basin.
Advice to Denham Capital in the acquisition of interests in Platino Energy Corp., an oil and gas exploration and production company with activities in Colombia.
Advice to Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia S.A.S. and Oleoducto de Los Llanos Orientales S.A., two of the most important pipelines in Colombia, in the implementation of a new structure for the operation and maintenance of the pipeline.
Advice to Hades E&P Holding S.A. in the purchase of several E&P assets from Petrocolombia S.A.S. and COPP S.A.S., companies owned by Synergy Resources Corp. and Global Tuition & Education Insurances.
We assist and advise ONGC Videsh in all the legal matters about the development of their activities in several onshore and offshore oilfields in Colombia.