We assist clients with their family relations, finding legal solutions to their matters related with couple relationships, children and their personal care, and the family’s assets. We offer legal advice, negotiation and representation before notaries, administrative and judicial authorities to obtain solutions to family conflicts.

We focus on addressing multijurisdictional matters within the frame of local legislation. In these cases, we work jointly with foreign lawyers to deliver solutions to our clients and their families.

Family Law
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • Nullity of marriage processes.
  • Divorce.
  • Declaration of de facto marriages and de facto partnerships.
  • Mutual agreement and contentious separations of property between spouses.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the marital partnership between married and de facto spouses.
  • Paternity disputes.
  • Authorizations for minors to leave the country.
  • Child support.
  • Parental authority, custody, personal care and children’s visits regime.
  • Exequatur of divorce decrees issued by foreign judicial authorities.
  • Probates.
  • Mutual agreement and contentious estate liquidation.Wills.
  • Protection of persons with disabilities. 
  • Adoptions.
Experience in Family Law

Our services have included the representation of clients in the negotiation of divorce agreements, fixing child support and liquidating marital partnerships before notaries and judges. We have experience in preparing and negotiating prenuptial agreements for future spouses, both for marriage and de facto marriage. These agreements aim to define the economic regime of conjugal relationships to protect personal and family assets, and also to establish clear rules about the distribution of the property in the event of a relationship breakdown or the liquidation of the economic regime.

Additionally, our team has offered legal advice in drafting complex wills, representing heirs and surviving spouses in the liquidation of the estate by mutual agreement before the notary and contentious liquidation before family judges.

We have advised in paternity recognition of children born out of marriage or de facto marriage, children’s abduction, custody, personal care, the exercise of parental authority and child support. Likewise, we have offered legal advice and representation in matters concerning assisted human reproduction.

We have also guided our clients with regards to the new legislation regulating support mechanisms for persons with disabilities. This advice focuses on the ability to define the scope and persons chosen through support agreements and anticipated directives, and the provisional judicial process to request the adjudication of a support for persons with disabilities as per the transitory regime of the new regulation.