Our team is composed of lawyers and professionals, experts on all legal issues related to sport and entertainment industries.

Additional to our comprehensive legal assistance with sports law, we designed a portfolio of services focused on resolving crisis situations, achieving the expected economic sustainability, and maximizing market value, aligned with a strategy that enables financial integrity.

We have a group of experts in the organizing of sports events and the developing of e-sports tournaments, where, our clients will be able to find experienced lawyers in all legal procedures linked to media and software, intellectual property, external investment formulas and excellent relationship with the business’ main actors. 

Thanks to our experience advising foreign clients, we offer legal representation services for international sport clubs, with the purpose of acting on their behalf in any legal or procedural issues which may arise in Colombia.

Transfer and Hiring
  • Legal feasibility.
  • Negotiation and contracts.
  • Internal procedures.
National and International Litigation
  • Legal feasibility.
  • Sport labor claims.
  • Arbitral disputes.
Sports Assets
  • Media y software.
  • Intelectual property.
  • External investment.
Athlete Welfare
  • Tax.
  • Labor.
  • Migration.
  • Corporate.
  • Other issues.
  • General services in sport.
  • Teams and players.
  • Tournaments and events.
International Sport Clubs Mandate
  • Contracts.
  • Litigation.
  • Clubs and authorities.
Institutional Resurgence
  • Business independent examination.
  • Governance.
  • Maximizing of the market value.
  • Assurance of the financial integrity.
General Legal Advice in Sports Law