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Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Our Telecommunications, Media and Technology team has a specialized portfolio. Regarding Telecommunications, we provide advice on projects structuration, agreement negotiation and participation in public bids, as well as advice on regulation matters. Regarding Entertainment, we provide end-to-end advice for audio-visual producers, record labels, artists, music bands, actors and actresses in contractual and regulation matters. Regarding Technology, we provide a broad service portfolio that includes software agreements, intellectual property policies and technology transfer, e-commerce, personal data, among others.

Portfolio of services


  • Technology services agreements
  • Outsourcing of technology services agreements
  • Agreements on the performance of e-commerce projects
  • Intellectual property and technology transfer policies 
  • Regulation projects in respect of technology
  • Objective selection processes before government and private entities to perform technology activities
  • Legal management of digital strategy
  • Use of technological tools and information security policies
  • Confidential information and trade secrets
  • Evidentiary value of data messages
  • Legal strategies for managing intangible assets

Protection of personal data

  • Preparation of personal data protection policies 
  • Application of regulations and judicial precedents related to data protection
  • Contractual protection of confidential information
  • Habeas data act implications in the operations of national and foreign clients
  • Managing and restrictions to recording telephone conversations, access to e-mail and monitoring other information
  • Due diligence in protection of personal data and information security

Internet and e-commerce

  • Development of e-commerce projects, both B2B and B2C
  • Start-ups consulting
  • Purchase of Internet Colombian companies
  • Strategies to obtain Internet domains
  • Development and implementation of terms and conditions for Internet sites
  • Regulatory aspects of Internet and e-commerce


  • Telecommunications sector regulatory matters
  • Preparation of a regulatory framework for the telecommunications sector
  • Legal structure and establishment of the investment vehicle for the entrance of companies of the telecommunications sector to Colombia
  • Necessary licenses and authorizations for providing services
  • Structuring projects and negotiating agreements with suppliers of telecommunications services
  • Participation in public bids for the telecommunications sector
  • Processes of objective selection for the allocation of radio spectrum
  • Infrastructure construction agreements for telecommunications companies


  • National and foreign audio-visual production
  • Catalogue negotiation with integrators of musical contents
  • Performance of activities and licensing of signal for subscription-based TV operators
  • Advice for artists and music groups
  • Advice for actors and actresses 
  • Intellectual property over literary works for developing audio-visual productions
  • Musical works registration before the National Copyrights Office and before the collective management organizations (SAYCO-ACINPRO)
  • Contingencies associated with the publication of audio-visual works that include real characters.