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Brigard & Urrutia

Litigation, Arbitration and Insolvency

We have the largest Litigation and Arbitration team in the country, with a background and trajectory of successful cases that have led us to distinguish ourselves as leaders in the different national and international spheres. 

Our Litigation, Arbitration and Insolvency practice advises and represents clients in all instances in administrative actions, and in the management and resolution of conflicts arising from agreements subscribed with public entities, including concessions. In arbitration, we represent our clients before the national and international arbitration authorities in cases arising from contractual disputes in different areas. In addition, we assist in all procedures required in the course of insolvency proceedings, advising on the various options available to protect the interests of our clients.

Portfolio of services


  • Advice and representation in civil, commercial, administrative, constitutional, competition and police proceedings.  
  • Advice and representation in proceedings before public and legal entities. 
  • Advice and representation in exequatur proceedings.
  • Advice and representation in preventing potential litigations. 
  • Advice and representation in termination of contractual relations and litigation.
  • Management and resolution of disputes through alternative conflict resolution mechanisms, such as conciliation and mediation, among others.
  • Review of litigation in due diligence proceedings 


  • Advice and representation in national and international arbitration proceedings.
  • Preparation of arbitration agreements according to the specific conditions of the business.
  • Analysis of convenience and legality of arbitration agreements.
  • Advice and representation in the selection of arbitrators.
  • Advice and representation in processes for the annulment of arbitration awards.
  • Advice and representation in the acceptance of international awards.
  • Participation as arbitrators and secretaries in national and international arbitration courts.

Insolvency and Restructuration

  • Advice and representation in insolvency proceedings, both as debtors and as creditors.
  • Review and advice in the constitution of guarantees.
  • Review and advice on insolvency risks regarding the structures of project finance.
  • Strategic advice on business with companies in insolvency proceedings.
  • Advice in the acquisition of companies in insolvency proceedings in coordination with other teams of the Firm.