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Infrastructure and Public Utilities

The Infrastructure and Public Utilities practice area advises clients throughout the legal and financial structuring process for investment projects in power, gas, water, and waste management sectors, in public and private contracting processes for new investors to take part in the infrastructure sector, or for current investors to increase their market share; this practice also provides support for duly performing the agreements.

The work team offers clients advising and consulting services in legal regulations on power, gas, water, and waste management public utilities through research, opinions, seminars, and training programs that meet their needs, in market regulation, fee regulation, and regulation of operations related to the power and gas chain, among others. 

Portfolio of services

Infrastructure and agreement management projects

  • Infrastructure project structuring
  • Analysis and negotiation of agreements
  • Contractors selection processes documents
  • Participant association structuring
  • Risk identification
  • Legal support for each stage of the agreement

Ground, sea, air, and rail transportation

  • Negotiation and arrangement of BOMT, BOOMT and other agreements
  • Arrangement of projects in accordance with specific regulations 
  • Consulting on standards and regulations on assets
  • Funding of projects, agreements in general and guarantees
  • Actions before competent authorities for obtaining approvals

Public bids by companies involved in Government tender processes

  • Review of the terms and conditions and the minutes of the state agreement
  • Supporting in preparing the bid offer
  • Representation during hearings 
  • Submission of legal remedies

State bodies public bids

  • Preparation of the terms and conditions and the minutes of the state agreement
  • Preparation of legal opinions on appeals filed by bidders in the process
  • Defense of state bodies in litigation

Public Utilities

  • Regulations on household public utilities

Power and gas

  • Compliance with legal and regulatory matters
  • Topics on sector competition to settle contractual transactions
  • Electricity generation, distribution, sale, and transmission
  • Regulatory affairs with Colombia’s Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG)
  • Administrative processes before CREG in fee review processes
  • Administrative processes before the Superintendence of Household Public Utilities
  • Relationships between this sector agents and CREG in relation to the right to access this sector’s infrastructure
  • Corporate negotiations and corporate reorganization operations
  • Preparation and review of corporate acts
  • Negotiations on power sales agreements, construction agreements, and agreements related to the connection to the National Transmission or Distribution System
  • Negotiation and execution of fuel supply and transportation agreements
  • Preparation of corporate structures for energy projects
  • Consulting on litigations related to authorities or agents from this sector

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Structuring self-generation projects, co-generation, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency.
  • Specific regulatory advice regarding renewable energies and energy efficiency.
  • Negotiation of contracts for the access to the infrastructure for the energy supply as well as PPAs and EPCs.
  • Development of investment vehicles for renewable energy projects.
  • Regulatory affairs with the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission – CREG, MINMINAS and UPME.
  • Due diligence in regulatory affairs for renewable energy projects.
  • Support in obtaining tax benefits associated with renewable energy projects.
  • Legal support in real estate for the set-up of renewable energy projects.
  • Support in legal compliance with social and environmental requirements of renewable energy projects, including the obtaining of licenses, permits and environmental authorizations, prior consultations with communities, socialization of projects, environmental management and environmental due diligence.
  • Consulting on the operation and expansion of the renewable energy market.
  • Consulting analysis of the renewable energy legislation (national and international).

Other services

  • Training programs on regulatory and contractual topics
  • Training programs on topics related to Government contracting