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Corporate Law

Corporate practice advises clients on all matters related to incorporating, handling, and managing their companies and branches and on all matters regarding private contracting for business operations of your company, including consulting in reference to conflicts with partners, choosing investment vehicles, assignments of shares and interests, increasing and reducing capital, distribution schemes, among others. The team is outstanding at structuring effective mechanisms and agreements for foreign companies investing in Colombia and at providing consulting in reference to consumer protection before competent authorities, consumers, and other challenges they may be faced due to the newly issued statute on the matter.

Portfolio of Services

Corporate Law

  • Incorporation of companies and branches of foreign companies
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Bylaw amendments 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Support in decision-making by corporate bodies
  • Dissolution and winding-up of corporations
  • Transfer of stock or holding interests in corporations
  • Correspondence handling
  • Corporate management abroad
  • Corporate conflict management support 
  • Training programs on manager responsibilities 
  • Due Diligence

Non-profit organizations

  • Incorporation of foundations and associations
  • Bylaws Amendments 
  • Support to decision-making corporate bodies 
  • Dissolution and winding-up

Structuring and implementation of trade intermediation schemes

  • Distribution
  • Commercial agency
  • Brokerage
  • Franchises
  • Supplies

Civil and commercial contracting

  • Corporate collaboration agreements (joint venture, shared accounts)
  • Trust agreements
  • Operations on commercial establishments (incorporation, sale, pledge, cancellation, etc.)
  • Work agreements
  • National and international purchase and sale agreements
  • Other agreements
  • Due Diligence

Consumer protection scheme

  • Internal training programs on the Current Consumer Protection Scheme.
  • Consulting on compliance with current rules
  • Defense of complaints related to consumer protection
  • Drafting of guarantee terms
  • Scheme of advertisement and information for consumers
  • Consulting on compliance 

Consulting on transportation

  • Consulting and obtaining permits and approvals from the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Defense in claims and investigations filed before the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority
  • All types of transportation schemes
  • Transportation contracting schemes

Other services

  • Consulting in reference to the games of chance scheme
  • Procedures before the trade registry
  • Consulting on topics related to the health and education sector
  • Arrangement of schemes and security agreements