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Antitrust and Competition Law

Our Competition and Integrations practice area advises on all the issues of competition law, including disputes related to unfair competition and violations of the rules on restrictive business practices. Likewise, it assists clients involved in mergers, acquisitions and any kind of business integrations both in local and international markets. We have great experience and a successful trajectory in the presentation of applications for authorizations of national and international integrations with impact in the Colombian market.

Portfolio of Services

Unfair competition

  • Analysis of the behavior of the companies before their competitors 
  • Legal strategies in accordance with the unfair competition regime
  • Legal representation in litigation on unfair competition 
  • Representation in administrative investigations for unfair competition

Business integrations

  • Analysis to determine the need to request prior authorization before competent authorities 
  • Procedures required before the national competent authorities to obtain decisions of non-objection for intended integrations 
  • Preparation of the required documentation within the regulatory framework for the prior authorization for integration operations

Restrictive business practices 

  • Analysis of the behavior of companies in the market 
  • Legal strategies from the perspective of the restrictive business practices regime. 
  • Analysis of acts and agreements with potential adverse effects on competition 
  • Representation in administrative investigations initiated by the Superintendence of Industry and Trade on restrictive business practices 
  • Representation in litigations before the contentious administrative jurisdiction in relation to decisions made by the competition authority

Training and compliance

  • Training Seminars on the competition protection regime 
  • Seminars on the need to adapt the companies’ behavior to the competition protection regime  
  • Internal Audits to companies to assess compliance with the competition protection regime  
  • Preparation of competition protection regime compliance manuals