Amplían plazo para adoptar código de colores de separación de residuos

By means of Resolution 1344 of December 24, 2020, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable modified Resolution 2184 of 2019. Said modification extended to July 2022 the term for adopting the white, black, and green color code for waste classification, for the following health care related activities: 

  • Health care services, such as medical practice, dental practice, diagnostic support, therapeutic support and other activities related to human health, including pharmacies and drug stores;
  • Blood, tissue and semen banks;
  • Research and educative centers that work with living organisms or with corpses;
  • Biotech studios and laboratories;
  • Thanatopraxy, morgues, autopsy, and exhumation services;
  • Hospital laundry services or surgical material sterilization services;
  • Animal benefit plants (slaughterhouses);
  • Veterinary services including veterinary offices, clinics, laboratories, zoonosis centers and zoos, pet stores, drug stores and hairdressers;
  • Sex work establishments and related activities;
  • Aesthetics and cosmetology services such as: barber shops, hairdressers, cosmetology training schools, stylists and manicurists, beauty parlors;
  • Piercing and tattoo centers. 

The new color code for the classification of waste (white (recyclable material), black (no recyclable material) and green (organic)) must be gradually implemented in the waste management plans that apply to health care activities. 



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