July 27, 2020

This new Decree established the definitions of the concepts listed below, to apply Sections 18-1, 23-1 and 368-1 of the Colombian Tax Code:

  1. Beneficiaries or principal investors
  2. Financially linked investment group
  3. Family group
  4. Trading of fund units on a stock exchange
  5. Innovative new ventures

In addition, the Decree established rules for deferring income to funds whose shares are traded on the stock exchange and those not t. It also determined the obligations of the private equity or collective investment fund's withholding agent and the fund's joint and several liability.

With respect to the latter, the Decree establishes the obligations on a case-by-case basis when income tax deferral is allowed and when it is not allowed.

The Decree also regulates certain aspects of the taxation of foreign entities, non-residents and permanent establishments. 

Decree 1054 of 2020



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