April 29th of 2020

Subsection 3 is added to Section 6, Chapter 2, Title 1, Part 2, Book 2 of Decree 1082 of 2015, Single Regulatory Decree of the National Planning Administrative Sector.

Therefore, the Standard Documents are adopted for the processes of public works of transport infrastructure that are carried out by the minimum amount modality. In this way, the scope of the Standard Documents, their development and implementation, inalterability and the goods or services additional to the public work are established. 

It also modifies Article of Decree 1082 of 2015, in reference to the declaration of a contracting process that applied the Standard Documents for public bidding as void. For the new contracting process, the state entity must use the Model Documents for the abbreviated selection of minor public transport infrastructure works, adapting the conditions and requirements to the provisions of Article 2 of Law 1150 of 2007 and Article of this Decree. In any case, the "Matrix 1 - Experience" of the Standard Documents for Tendering of Public Works for Transport shall be applied to the new selection process.


Decree 594 of 2020 



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