The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 1285 of 2020, adopting the biosecurity protocol for the risk management and control of COVID-19 in the following services and activities:

• Hotel accommodation (CIIU 5511)
• Accommodation in apartment hotels (CIIU 5512)
• Accommodation in resorts (CIIU 5513)
• Rural accommodation (CIIU 5514)
• Other types of accommodation for visitors (CIIU 5519)
• Activities of camping areas and parks for recreational vehicles (CIIU 5520)
• Hourly service (CIIU 5530)
• Other types of accommodation (CIIU 5590)
Protocolo específico de bioseguridad para alojamiento y camping

This protocol must be complemented with the general protocol adopted through Resolution 666 of 2020 and with all the measures deemed necessary by those responsible for each place. 

It is composed as follows: 

1.    General biosecurity measures established in Resolution 666 of 2020
2.    Additional biosecurity measures for services and activities in hotel accommodation (CIIU 5511); accommodation in apartment hotels (CIIU 5512); accommodation in resorts (CIIU 5513); rural accommodation (CIIU 5514); other types of accommodation for visitors (CIIU 5519); activities of camping areas and parks for recreational vehicles (CIIU 5520); hourly service (CIIU 5530); and other types of accommodation (CIIU 5590). 
2.1.    Measures for guests, visitors, and employees 
2.2.    Locative measures 
2.2.1.    Adequacy    Front desk    Meals and beverage service    Rooms    Common areas 
2.2.2.    Maintenance and disinfection    Buildings in general    Meals and beverage service    Rooms    Common areas    Public restrooms 
2.2.3.    Working tools and equipment  
2.2.4.    Personal protection elements 
2.2.5.    Handling of supplies and products 
2.2.6.    Waste management  
2.3.    Personal interaction
2.3.1.    Interaction within facilities 
2.3.2.    Rooms
2.3.3.    Interaction with third parties (suppliers, clients, allies, etc.)    Interaction with third parties    Interaction with clients 
2.4.    Communications plan 
2.5.    Prevention and management of contagion risk situations  
2.5.1.    Management of risk situations 

Monitoring of compliance with this protocol is in charge of the secretariat or municipal or district entity belonging to the municipality or district where the establishment is located. This, regardless the surveillance conducted by the Ministry of Work regarding compliance with obligations by employers or by any another authority in the execution of its duties. 


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