23 of October of 2020
New modified deadlines for payment of taxes

Due to the health emergency that the country is experiencing, the maximum period for declaring and paying the industry and commerce tax for the taxable year 2020 for the taxpayers of the common system is again modified. 

Therefore, the declaration and payment of the Industry and Commerce tax (ICA) corresponding to the third two-month period of the 2020 taxable year, which was scheduled for this Friday, October 16, was postponed until October 29. 

On the new date, the taxpayers responsible for the fourth bimester of withholding of the Industry and Commerce tax (ICA) and those who must pay the third installment of the property tax, whose due date was the 23rd of this month, will also be able to do it.

This date was also set to declare and pay the motor gasoline consumption surcharge, only for the month of September.

See full text of Resolution 438 of 2020

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