14 of september of 2020
New measures for operators and drivers in the transport sector

Resolution 1537 of 2020 introduced the following modifications:

1. Maximum occupancy: vehicles of mass transportation systems have a maximum occupancy of 50%.

This new measure will be reviewed and adjusted, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health or the corresponding entity, within a period of 4 weeks following its approval, depending on the progress or phases of the health emergency due to COVID-19, taking into account the statistics and evolution of the pandemic in each territory, the disease transmission rate (RT), risk factors, the ventilation system in vehicles, and the biosecurity measures implemented. Likewise, vehicles must meet some requirements.

2. Long-distance inter-municipal trips: routes should be planned by identifying in advance the places where stops can be made every 3 hours to fill up fuel, make use of bathrooms, and verify that they are equipped with enough basic personal hygiene products. This will, in turn, allow the vehicle to be ventilated.

3. Private vehicles: people who belong to the same family group can move in the same vehicle, according to its maximum capacity, always using the mask.

4. Transport service providers: must continue to implement the general biosecurity protocol, including cleaning and disinfection with solutions that have virucidal activity in areas of high contact by users, workers and other people, such as lockers, chairs and windows, after each trip or at least 3 times a day and at the beginning and end of the day, among other measures.

Additionally, they must implement measures to regulate passenger access to portals, stations, ticket offices and vehicles, and organize lines with a minimum distance of two meters between people or the one determined by the competent local authorities to avoid crowds.

Transport terminals, portals, and stations must continue to be provided constantly and sufficiently with toilet paper, water, soap and disposable towels for hand washing, as well as sanitizing gel dispensers, among other measures.

The correct use of face masks is mandatory and permanent throughout the trip and at different points of the transport system.

See full text of Resolution 1537 of 2020


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