September 29th 2021
Decree 1078 of 2021 partially modifies the Customs Tariff.

The National Government, through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, issued Decree 1078 of 2021, which partially modified the Customs Tariff in relation to the import of hybrid vehicles and in turn, modified Decree 1116 of 2017.

 In this way, and in coherence with the public policy of the Ministries of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Customs, Tariff and Foreign Trade Affairs Committee issued a recommendation that seeks to promote the use of vehicle technologies, in order to reduce air pollution and non-renewable fossil fuels to protect human health.

 This recommendation establishes a 5% tariff for imports of hybrid vehicles that are classified in the following tariff subheadings: 8702. 20.10.00, 8702.30.10.00, 8703.40.10.00, 8703.40.90.00, 8703.50.10.00, 8703.50.90.00, 8703.60.10.00, 8703.60.90.00, 8703.70.10.00, 8703.70.90.00, 8704.90.11.00. 8704.90.21.00, 8704.90.31.00 Y 8704.90.41.00. The above, does not have any quota limitation and it is expected to be in this same way the following years, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 1116 of 2017.

 These regulations will come into force 15 calendar days after their publication in the official gazette, and will be in force until December 31, 2021, modifying any other regulations that are contrary to them.



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