April 24th of 2020
Transporte Público

The Circular provides guidance on protection matters, aimed at drivers and operators in the logistics chain of land and river cargo transport, companies and drivers of public road passenger transport services, special, individual, mass, collective, mixed, cable transport, land transport terminals, rail transport and concessionaires of mass transport systems, which continue to be implemented during the health emergency, in order to prevent, reduce exposure and mitigate the risk of exposure and infection by acute respiratory infection by the COVID-19 coronavirus. The main measures are listed below: 

  1. Clean up the places where users, workers and other persons can or have come into direct contact with public transport, such as lockers, chairs, windows, handrails.

  2. Implement measures to regulate passenger access to portals and vehicles and organize lines with distances between people of at least two meters. 

  3. Avoid crowding 

  4. Ensure that there is a distance of at least one metre between each user during the journey. 

  5. Ensure that users in the transport sector are obliged to use conventional mouthguards. 

  6. Drivers must notify the transport company if any user presents symptoms associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus during the journey. 

  7. Drivers must inform the transport company and the municipal health secretariat if, during the working day, they present symptoms associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus and suspend transport activity. 

  8. Drivers shall spray with disinfectants the dashboard, buttons, gear lever, handlebars, doors, windows, chairs and all surfaces with which the driver and passengers have contact. 

  9. Drivers must receive, from their employers, or if independent, acquire clothing or aprons, respiratory protection, gloves, eye protection, closed-toed work boots or shoes, and disinfectants, according to the degree of exposure and tasks performed by workers, contractors, collaborators, interested parties, and controls established to prevent and minimize the risk of transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19. 

  10. Receive training from qualified personnel on how to use personal protection elements safely, in the necessary hygiene. 

  11. Companies operating cargo or passenger terminals shall review and update the terminal risk matrix, which includes and analyzes the biosecurity risk derived from the COVID-19 coronavirus

  12. Install graphic pieces in the infrastructure, about the prevention of the coronavirus. 

  13. As for the load generators and receivers, the operators should carry out their work quickly to avoid crowding people in small waiting areas.

Circular 4 of 2020 



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