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Liliana Marcela Rubiano

Admitted to practice law in:


Environmental Engineer with a Master´s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management, with more than 10 years of professional experience in the energy and hydrocarbons sector, and with more than 13 years of experience in the environmental management of projects. As a part of her experience, Liliana has worked in sustainability, economic valuation of natural resources, impact assessment, climate change and in the legal–environmental management of projects, including their planning and environmental feasibility studies in order to obtain the approval of the authorities. Consequently, Liliana has worked in the quality assurance of environmental studies and projects that require environmental licensing and compliance with international environmental standards.


Firm: Brigard & Urrutia Attorneys

Position: Specialist in Natural Resources 

Entry Year: 2017  


Firm: Vetra E&P Colombia S.A.S.

Position: Environmental Coordinator  

Entry Year: 2016  


Firm: Consultoría y Medio Ambiente – CYMA S.A. consultant for Pacific E&P Colombia – HSEQ Management.

Position: Specialist on Environmental Quality Assurance   

Entry Year: 2012  


Firm: Brigard & Urrutia Attorneys

Position: Professional  

Entry Year: 2014  


Firm: Antea Group Colombia (before Geoingenieria S.A.S)

Position: Environmental Coordinator  

Entry Year: 2007  


Firm: Ecocapital Internacional S.A. E.S.P 

Position: User service Coordinator and Quality Leader – Integrated system management. ISO 9001-14001 y 18001. 

Entry Year: 2004 

Educational Background

University: Universidad de los Andes   

Program: Master degree in civil engineering    

Degree: Master´s degree in engineering and environmental management  

Year: 2010  


University: Universidad Libre de Colombia 

Program: Environmental engineering 

Degree: Environmental engineer  

Year: 2003