27 May of 2020
Specific biosecurity protocol for the agricultural sector

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 796 adopting the biosecurity protocol for the prevention of COVID-19 in the agricultural sector.

This protocol is complementary to the general biosecurity protocol adopted through Resolution 666 of 2020, to the recommendations adopted through Circular Letter 01 of 2020 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Territorial Development and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and to the other measures set by those responsible for the agricultural farms.   

The biosecurity protocol adopted for this sector includes the following measures: 

  1. General biosecurity measures established in resolution 666 of 2020
  2. Additional measures for the agricultural sector 

2.1. Locative, preventive and disinfection measures 
2.2. Measures for employees, contractors, and drivers 
2.3. Biosecurity for entering to agricultural farms 
2.4. Preventive measures for using tools, machinery and equipment
2.5. Preventive measures for transporting personnel
2.6. Social interaction with clients, producers, suppliers
2.7. Handling of products or substances such as detergents and disinfectants
2.8. What to do within the premises of the farm with an employee possibly infected with COVID-19

Monitoring of compliance with this protocol is in charge of the Secretariat or municipal or district entity of the place where the agricultural farms, as well as the productive and logistic chain of the sector are located.  The inspection, surveillance and control duties will be carried out by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA for its acronym in Spanish). This, regardless the surveillance conducted by the Ministry of Work regarding fulfillment of obligations by employers nor to the powers of other authorities. 


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