May 3, 2021
Plazo para acoger actual manual de compensaciones

The Resolution issued by MADS is intended to grant a 12-month term to the holders of environmental licenses, forestry use permits (single use) and authorizations for the subtraction of national or regional forestry reserves, that are not currently under Resolution No. 256 of February 22, 2018 (modified by the Resolution No. 1428 of July 31, 2018), to adopt the current compensations manual of the biotic component. The latter, presenting: (i) a proposal document, explaining   how and where to implement the compensation measures; or, (ii) a modification proposal in case the holder already has a compensation plan approved by the competent environmental authority.

As per the Resolution, the adjustment in the compensation measures does not imply any modifications in the extension of the area that must be compensated, nor the monetization of the originally proposed measures.

Finally, in those cases in which the information presented by the holder in the proposal is incomplete, the environmental authority is entitled to request it, and the user will have a 1-month term to provide it. In the case in which the information is not provided within the term, it will be understood that the holder has desisted from its original proposal, according to article 17, Law 1437/2011


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