The legal forestry regime regulated by the Regulatory Statute of the Environment and Sustainable Development Sector (Decree 1076 of 2015) was modified. The purpose is to reinforce the national forestry economy. A new registry applicable to protecting and producing-protecting plantations was introduced, and along with new requirements applicable to forestry harnessing.

El régimen colombiano sobre plantaciones forestales ha sido modificado

Colombian legal regime of forestry plantations was amended by the recently enacted Decree 1532 of August 26 of 2019, in order to reinforce the national forestry economy. 

The amendments include the introduction of a new registry for protecting and producing-protecting plantations, which shall be managed by the environmental authorities. The registry does not imply an authorization, but only a tool  to reinforce  control and surveillance of forestry-related activities. 

Furthermore, new requirements were introduced regarding  forestry harnessing. For instance,  the need to file  a technical report two months before starting  harvesting trees, and registering the plantations before starting harnessing the trees of a plantation.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development shall issue further regulations within the next six (6) months  regarding harnessing isolated trees. 


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