April 29, 2020

Colombia has officially become the 37th member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This organization promotes guidelines to improve the economy and social welfare around the world and represents a unique opportunity for the most developed economies to interact.

After a long process of accession initiated in 2013 and after adopting measures to align domestic legislation with OECD standards, Colombia becomes the third Latin American country to join this organization, followed by Mexico and Chile. During this process, the government had to perform amendments to the justice system and implement measures in labor and anti-corruption matters, among others, necessary to adapt to the policies and practices promoted by the OECD. 

Through this organization, governments can share their experiences and seek solutions for economic, social and government contingencies they may be facing. Consquently, Colombia achieves a great advance in its international positioning and ensures a reference of confidence to continue promoting foreign investment in the country.

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