24 of september of 2020
Bogotá Mayor's Office implements economic reactivation program

Through Decree 207 of 2020, the Mayor's Office of Bogotá established a set of measures to promote economic and social reactivation in the city of Bogotá D.C. In this regard, the city is moving towards a system of self-care by the population and strict compliance with biosafety protocols for each of the economic activities.

These activities will be able to operate without any restriction of days or hours, except for the following, which will have established schedules:

Bogotá Mayor's Office implements economic reactivation program

Commercial establishments and facilities where economic activities take place must comply with a series of measures that guarantee:

a. The social distance of not less than 2 meters between each person.
b. Maximum capacity allowed in accordance with resolutions 749 and 1569 of 2020 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social).
c. The obligatory use of mask.
d. Hygiene and distance measures for personnel, clients and operation of establishments and facilities open to the public.

Additionally, companies and establishments that begin activities after the issuance of this decree must register on the platform: www.bógota.gov.co/reactivacion-economica.

Employers must aim to continue teleworking or working from home for employees or contractors whose presence is not essential at the workplace.

Under no circumstances will the development of activities in bars, discotheques, dance halls and similar places be permitted, nor will events of a public or private nature in closed spaces involving massive crowds of people.

Finally, the DAR (Detection, Isolation and Reporting) program was implemented based on the verification of risk factors and suspicious or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among workers and their reporting to the ARL (Administradoras de Riesgos Laborales), the EAPB (Entidades Administradoras de Planes de Beneficios) and the link https://covidl9.saludcapital.gov.co/index.php/empresas.

The EAPBs will take tests and deliver the results within 48 hours to contribute to the interruption of transmission chains.

See full text of Decree 207 of 2020


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