5 of October of 2020
New biosecurity measures for the activity of for entrepreneurial fairs

The establishment without the necessary infrastructure to apply the protocol will not be able to provide the service.

This protocol must be complemented with the general protocol adopted through Resolution 666 of 2020 and with all the measures deemed necessary by those responsible for the establishments.

Scope of application 

This protocol applies to organizers, employees, contractors, exhibitors, assembly companies, suppliers and visitors to entrepreneurial fairs, which may develop exhibitions, congresses, conventions, and other platforms that seek to generate business contacts between supply and demand and / or access to knowledge.

These activities will take place in fairgrounds, auditoriums, convention centers, hotels, non-traditional closed venues and non-traditional outdoor venues with spaces for conventions and commercial events, and involves assembly, execution, and disassembly activities.


This protocol includes the following measures:  

1. General biosecurity measures 
2. Additional measures for organizers

2.1. Adequacy 
2.2. Maintenance and disinfection 
2.3. Working tools and equipment 
2.4. Personal protection equipment 
2.5. Waste management 
2.6. Interaction within facilities 
2.7. Interaction during feeding times 
2.8. Labor organization alternatives 
2.9. Interaction with third parties (suppliers, customers, allies, etc.) 
2.10. Communications plan 
2.11. Databases 
2.12. Management of contagion situations
3. Measures for employees
4. Measures for participants 
5. Responsibilities of the exhibitor

Monitoring of compliance with this protocol is in charge of the secretariat or the municipal or district entity in which the establishment developing the activity is located. This, regardless the surveillance conducted by the Ministry of Work regarding compliance with obligations by employers or by any another authority in the execution of its duties.

See full text of Resolution 1681 of 2020

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