New regulation on Chemical Risk Management

The Resolution issued by the MADS aims to adopt mechanisms for the comprehensive management of chemicals for industrial use, including their risk management, which are identified and classified with any hazard class and category of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) of the United Nations Organization, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 1496 of 2018 or the rules that modify or replace it.

The Decree includes definitions for purposes of the correct application of the Decree and establishes four management instruments: (i) National Inventory of Chemical Substances for Industrial Use; (ii) Instrument for the Prioritization of Chemical Substances; (iii) Risk assessment for health or for the environment, according to the identified use; (iv) Programs for the reduction and management of the risk to the environment or to health.

According to the Decree, obligations are established for importers and manufacturers, for marketers or distributors, for the transporter and for users, in order to execute the action plan for chemicals for industrial use.

Additionally, within the framework of the Environmental Information System for Colombia - SIAC, a mechanism will be established to capture environmental information on emissions and transfers of pollutants generated for the purpose of environmental monitoring of chemicals for industrial use. The information collected through this mechanism will support the monitoring and control activities of the environmental authorities with respect to the emissions and transfers of pollutants generated by industrial chemicals.

Finally, there will be an technical group on industrial chemicals made up of delegates from the Ministries of Health and Social Protection, Labor, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Environment and Sustainable Development, which will meet at least twice a year to follow up on the results of the implementation of the management instruments implemented with this Decree. 


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