April 25th, 2022
New open-pit mining regulations in Colombia.

The Ministries of Health and Social Protection, Labor and Mines and Energy, published Decree No. 539 of April 8th, 2022 "Whereby the Regulation of Hygiene and Safety in Open Pit Mining Works" (the "Decree 539") is issued and Decree 2222 of 1993 is repealed. 

Decree 539 sets forth the minimum standards for the prevention of risks in open-pit mining operations and the measures for the preservation of safety and health conditions in the workplaces where such operations are carried out. 

Decree 539 is divided into 10 main titles containing the scope, the definitions to be considered and the the conditions for prevention of risks as a fundamental axis when executing or carrying out open pit mining activities. 

Likewise, the responsibilities, the minimum requirements in the protocols for the execution of mining works, the obligations of the mining operator, and the management, technical and supervisory personnel that Decree 2222 of 1993 did not contain, as well as the obligations of the workers in open-pit mining are indicated in such decree. 

Finally, Decree 539 establishes that the following are subject to compliance with these provisions: the mining titleholder, its operator or subcontractor, applicants for mining legalization or formalization programs, beneficiaries of special reserve areas, beneficiaries of temporary authorizations, beneficiaries of mechanisms for work under the protection of a title in small-scale mining. 

To see Decree 539, please click on the following link: DECRETO 539 DEL 8 DE ABRIL DE 2022.pdf (presidencia.gov.co)


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