Modificaciones para la gestión integral de Residuos de Construcción

The Resolution issued by the MADS is intended to expand the mechanisms for the effective promotion of the use of CDW under a circular economy approach, by defining goals regarding the responsibility of generators for the management and disposal of CDW. 

The Resolution modifies the definitions of storage and large generators and adds the definitions of third-party receiver and industrial symbiosis. It also introduces a differentiation in the obligations for CDW generators, establishing some for large generators and others for small ones. Likewise, the regulation contemplates that the use of CDW can not only be carried out by means of fixed or mobile plants, but also through a recipient who must have a storage site and carry out the proper separation. It also modifies the goals for the use of CDW, as it establishes that large generators must effectively reuse a percentage of the total CDW generated in the work, according to the category of the municipality where it is located. In addition, introduces new parameters for formulating, implementing, and keeping the CDW Environmental Management Program up to date.

Finally, the regulation emphasizes that modifications are also made to the annexes to guarantee the correct application of the Resolution.

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