MinICT issues Decree to implement 5G services

The MinICT progresses in the implementation of 5G services in Colombia. In line with the “5G Plan” developed in 2019 by the Ministry, it has issued Decree 984 of 2022 which updates the spectrum caps per TSNPs for terrestrial mobile services (IMT), to promote the access of 5G services and the investment in the country 

Under the Decree, the Ministry provides a new band category called “Medium - High Band” that allows the use of spectrum in band 3.5 GHz for 5G services. This promotes certainty for investors and accurate planning of the spectrum. 

Additionally, the 3.5 GHz band spectrum cap is set at 100 MHz, considering its availability in Colombia and the demand from the market.

These caps define the maximum amount of spectrum available to TSNPs that provides mobile networks and services. They prevent the monopolization of this resource and encourage greater competition for access to it. According to the Decree, the current spectrum caps per TSNPs for terrestrial mobile services (IMT) were updated as follows:


Bands Previous cap New cap
Low Bands: (less than 1GHz) 45 MHz 50 MHz
Medium Bands: (between 1GHz and 3 GHz)  90 MHz 100MHz
Medium High Bands: (between 3GHz and 6GHz) N/A 100MHz


The caps are applicable to the spectrum assigned in the concessions or enabling titles granted to TSNPs, either as an initially assigned spectrum or as an additional spectrum.

According to the Decree, the cap is calculated regardless of the geographic delimitation set in the permit for the use of the spectrum granted by the MinICT to the TSNPs.

The Decree establishes that the permits for the use of the spectrum, granted by the MinICT for technical tests and equipment homologation are exempted from the calculation of this cap.



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