January 6th, 2022
Law creates life and forest areas in all Colombian municipalities.

Law 2173 establishes the creation of life areas and the creation of forests in each of the country's municipalities, with the active participation of the entire population in the restoration and ecological conservation of the territory, through the planting of trees for the creation of forests and the increase of vegetation cover, with the joint work of companies and competent entities.

The law determines that all medium and large companies must plant at least 2 trees per employee in such life areas. In addition to the above, the "Siembra Vida Buen Ciudadano" certificate will be issued as proof of compliance, and whoever obtains the certificate will have access to benefits such as discount percentages in obtaining public goods and services. 

Finally, the regulation prohibits the commercial timber harvesting of planted trees, as well as general guidelines for the creation of life areas, in charge of the mayors' offices and with the guidance of the regional autonomous corporations, sustainable development corporations, the environmental authorities of the large urban centers referred to in Article 66 of Law 99 of 1993, the environmental public establishments referred to in Laws 768 of 2002 and 1617 of 2013 and National Natural Parks, according to their respective jurisdiction.

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