January 6th, 2022
Corantioquia temporarily suspends its Forest Management Plan.

Corantioquia agrees to temporarily suspend the Agreement by which the POF was adopted, considering the need to review and adjust the technical document for the formulation of this POF by a technical team of Corantioquia in accordance with the “Guide for sustainable integrated forest management” of 2020 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. 

Additionally, the cartographic information used for the formulation of the POF will be complemented, in order to make it possible to identify the conditions of the territory and serve as input in the decision-making process regarding the use, management and exploitation of forest resources and lands with forest vocation in Corantioquia´s jurisdiction.

Finally, the environmental permit applications that have been submitted during the validity of the Agreement before Corantioquia, and that have not been resolved by the date of the suspension of the POF, and those that are submitted after it, will be ruled in accordance with the regulations governing the respective environmental permit. 

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