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New telecommuting regulations are ready


Through Decree 1227 of 2022, issued by the Ministry of Labor, telecommuting regulations were modified in order to promote it as a form of labor organization, and to eliminate the barriers that have hindered its implementation. Likewise, provisions were added to eliminate its implementation difficulties, making the requirement of previous visits more flexible, and regulating the reversibility, the time and mode of performance of the contracted work, the internal policy of telecommuting established by the employer, equipment and work tools, compensatory allowances and payments of public services, execution of supplementary telecommuting through hybrid work models, and the registry of teleworkers. This decree started to be in force as of its publication in the Official Gazette and modified Decree 1072 of 2015, Sole Regulatory Decree of the Labor Sector. 



This is the program for the promotion of companies’ formalization. 


The President of the Republic sanctioned Law 2254 of 2022 through which the "Escalera de Formalidad" program (the “Program”) was created. The Program contemplates a procedure for the gradual formalization of new micro, small and medium-sized companies, in order to encourage the creation of formal legal entities and establish a path to reach compliance of the existing requirement. Under the Program, companies at any step of the "Formality Ladder" will be able to obtain all the benefits applicable to a formally constituted company and will only be required to comply with the requirements to operate and trade provided for their level.  

Among the benefits established in this program are: the possibility of receiving micro-credits from supervised and non-supervised entities; the chance to register before the Single Window for Foreign Trade (Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior – VUCE) where no process through the State will have any cost; and the free issuance of the Certificate of Origin, among others. 



Guidelines for road safety policy in Colombia

Road safety policy

Law 2251 of 2022 established the normative provisions for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public road safety policy whose approach will be a safe system. According to this regulation, a safe system is one that considers the vulnerability of people to serious injuries that may be generated by traffic accidents and recognizes that the system must be created to tolerate human error; likewise, this approach will have its axis in safe roads and berms, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road users, whose ultimate purpose is to end fatal traffic accidents and reduce the number of serious injuries. 



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