The Andean Community approved the Migration Statute

The member countries of the Andean Community (CAN for its acronym in Spanish) approved the Andean Migratory Statute, which regulates the community right of movement within the economic bloc and grants temporary residence for up to two years to citizens of these countries.

The Statute regulates the “(…) right of movement and establishes temporary and permanent residence for Andean citizens and their families in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru" (CAN press statement). This legal instrument also seeks the consolidation of a sense of belonging of Bolivians, Colombians, Ecuadorians and Peruvians with the Andean Community.

Andean citizens will also have the right to access "any activity, both for their own account and for the account of others, under the same conditions as the nationals of the receiving countries, in accordance with the legal regulations of each State".

Those who wish to make use of their right to residence in a country belonging to the economic bloc different from that of their origin, must apply at the consular office of the country of destination or before the competent migratory authority, if they are already in the other country.

According to CAN figures disclosed in its 2020 report, this South American sub-region has 111 million inhabitants and exports around USD 115,948 million annually. The Statute will enter into force 90 calendar days after its approval.


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