Regulatory Agenda for 2023

The MADS through its Legal Advisory Office maked available for public comment the Environmental Regulatory Agenda for the year 2023.

As follows, the areas to be amended or regulated: 

  • Tax aspects of non-taxation, control procedures and roles, responsibilities and scope of the sectors involved.
  • Regulation of the CNCC and strengthening of the SISCLIMA.
  • National Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Quotas Programme – PNCTE.
  • Carbon budgets.
  • Coordination and articulation of SINA entities.
  • Integrated management of hazardous waste.
  • Basic Performance Standards – EBD in facilities, use or transfer of solid waste.
  • Regulation of Law 2206 of 2022. 

Comments will be received until November 30th, 2022, through the following e-mails: and

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