As part of our transparency policies and institutional values, we have a corporate governance structure that allows us to implement the best international practices. These practices help us to guarantee compliance of internal and external rules and achieve the objectives set forth in our Strategic Plan. 

We have a General Shareholders Assembly, a Board of Directors comprised by internal members and one independent member recognized for its expertise in managing important Colombian companies. We additionally have permanent committees to implement and manage the corporate strategy. Our corporate governance allows the implementation, structuring and control of proceedings and policies that guarantee efficient operations and the development of an organizational culture based on our corporate values. 

We have a compliance, self-control and risk management system, with communication and participation channels open to all interested parties and with internal control bodies responsible for guaranteeing compliance of any duties arising from our corporate activities and purpose. By this means, we guarantee legal and regulatory compliance as well as compliance of internal protocols, which makes our services transparent, efficient and with the highest quality standards.