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Customs and International Trade

The practice of Customs and International Trade provides advice in the day-to-day of foreign trade operations to our clients, as well as in the planning of transnational operations, formulating alternatives of customs planning based on local regulation and the various international agreements to which Colombia is a party that may be applicable; Also in schemes of Free Trade Zones, including the structuring and application for qualification and users in the different modalities.

Portfolio of services

Trade Agreements

  • Negotiation of important trade agreements for Colombia
  • Implementation of rules of origin in the trade of goods
  • Actions before relevant authorities 
  • Training workshops and seminars on the operation and benefits of trade agreements

Reciprocal  promotion and protection of investments

  • Agreements for the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments
  • Investments planning to obtain protection benefits
  • Controversies regarding the rules of promotion and protection of investments

Customs and international trade operations

  • Processes before relevant authorities 
  • Management of requests and administrative procedures indicated by the relevant authorities
  • Customs planning of goods and services flow and transnational operations
  • Alternatives for the optimization of international trade operations
  • Dumping practices and trade defense measures
  • Compliance with technical rules and regulations of mandatory compliance
  • Customs valuation studies
  • Schemes of government programs for promoting foreign trade 
  • Tariff Classification
  • Manuals and instructions on customs and international trade
  • Special regimes (Permanent Customs Users and Highly Exporting Users)
  • Resolution of customs litigations

Free Trade Zones

  • Structuring and application as Free Trade Zone.
  • Application as Free Trade Zone user in the different modalities