To strengthen mechanisms for citizen participation in environmental matters, improve and streamline the processes for evaluating the monitoring of environmental licenses, the National Government issued Decree 376 of 2020, through which modifies the structure of the National Authority for Environmental Licenses -ANLA and expands its staff by more than 500%.

Con el Decreto 376 de 2020, el Gobierno amplió la estructura de la ANL

Through Decree 376 of 2020, the ANLA just expanded its staff from 73 to 499 members, who will join the authority starting in 2020 until 2022. Likewise, it seeks to strengthen mechanisms for environmental citizen participation, processes evaluation, and monitoring of environmental licenses and information technology management.

The new structure of the authority will comprise five subdivisions, as follows: (i) Mechanisms for Environmental Citizen Participation, (ii) Evaluation of Environmental Licenses, (iii) Monitoring of Environmental Licenses, (iv) Instruments, Permits, and Environmental Procedures and (v) the Administrative and Financial.

The issuance of this Decree seeks to strengthen the environmental licensing process, the evaluation of permits and other instruments of environmental control, emphasize the preventive nature of environmental management and follow-up on compliance with environmental authorizations, streamline procedures, and, especially those related to obtaining tax benefits for environmental investments.



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