July 17, 2020

This Decree regulates the procedure for the application of the tax credit and the procedure for obtaining Tax Refund Certificates -TIDIS, for investments in research, technological development and innovation projects or the employment of personnel with doctoral degrees in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, in accordance with the provisions of Section 256-1 of the Tax Code.

The National Council on Tax Benefits in Science, Technology and Innovation -CNBT, shall issue, before March thirty (30) of each year, the certificate to the legal entity that is a taxpayer of income tax and complementary taxes that accredits the investment in research, technological development and innovation.

This certificate for the tax credit will be valid for two years, starting from its issuance.

Once the certificate is issued, the taxpayer may record it in the income and supplementary tax return filed in the same year in which the certificate is issued or in the following taxable year.

When the value of the tax charged on the income tax and supplementary tax return is zero (0), and therefore there is no tax to offset against the tax credit within the respective tax return, the taxpayer must add the value of the tax credit recorded in the return, to the balance in favor of the tax validity.

Similarly, the balance of the tax credit that increases the balance in favor of the income tax return and complementary taxes of the taxpayer, may be requested before the Tax Administration, in Tax Refund Titles - TIDIS, within the term provided in Section 256-1 of the Tax Code.

Decree 1011 of 2020



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