October 4th, 2021
EUREKA, ANLA's new platform for environmental legal consultation

As part of the celebration of its 10 years, ANLA launched Eureka, a free and immediate access platform available to provide technical and legal environmental information, as a commitment to transparency, efficiency, timeliness, and proximity to the stakeholders of the environmental authority.

The new platform provides normative and jurisprudential information, legal concepts of the entities belonging to the SINA in an efficient, organized, standardized and uniform manner. It also provides access to press releases, geovisors, academic environmental publications and a search engine for flora and fauna species with conservation status or endangered species.

Eureka is being developed as a fundamental part of the environmental licensing process in the country, as it will provide a better reading of environmental impact studies, management plans and environmental compliance reports, which will strengthen sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. 

Finally, it is important to clarify that this is a platform in "constant construction", so in case of not finding any document or suggesting the need for any additional input, it is possible to request it through the channels provided by the ANLA for such purposes. 


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