10 of November of 2020
Elimination of the requirement to present a PCR test to enter Colombia

On November 4th , with the Newsletter 900 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Colombia removed the requirement to present a PCR test with a negative result up to 96 hours before the flight for travelers arriving to the country. However, during their permanence travelers will be monitored by their health insurers.

The following are still obligations of travelers to Colombia before the flight:

• No fever or symptoms associated with COVID - 19.
• Fill out the application "Check - Mig"
• Use a facemask at all time.

Those travelers planning to leave Colombia must:

• Enter to the airport 3 hours before the flight.
• Know the health requirements of the country of destination. (The PCR test may be required to enter).

According to the new measures, airlines also will have to:

• Designate an exclusive bathroom for the flight crew if possible, to avoid overcrowding.
• Food distribution must be in sealed and prepackaged containers.
• Prevent passengers in the same row from consuming food at the same time.
• Clean and disinfect inflight entertainment services after each flight.


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