9 of september of 2020
Biosecurity protocol for public space

Resolution 1513 of 2020 applies to all individuals, families, and communities in their behavior in the public space and the environment.

This protocol includes the following measures:  

1. General measures 
1.1. Voluntary self-isolation at home 
1.2. Hand hygiene 
- Wash hands with soap and water between 20 and 30 seconds, at least every 3 hours both at home and public space
- Use sanitizing gel or alcohol between 60% and 95% 
- When using public or private transport, wash your hands with soap and water. If it is not possible, use alcohol or sanitizing gel
- Clean hands with at least 70% alcohol during and after using public furniture (parks or gyms)
- Use alcohol between 60% and 95% or sanitizing gel after having contact with surfaces such as handrails, seat belts, turnstiles, counters, door and window handles
1.3. Social distancing
- Maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters between people and during mobility in public space, this is on platforms, parks, squares, boardwalks, pedestrian paths, beaches.
- Avoid gathering of people
- Refrain, as far as possible, from attending closed and crowded spaces, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, financial institutions, marketplaces and shopping malls
1.4. Respiratory protection (mask)
- Mandatory use of conventional mask covering the mouth, nose and chin
- Wear a mask when doing physical exercise outdoors
- Use cloth mask for up to 8 hours and wash it daily with soap and water
- Avoid reusing the mask when it is disposable and after complying with the time of use
- Throw away the disposable mask in a double bag, closed and, if possible, in the house bins destined for non-usable waste, always after destroying it. Do not deposit them directly in the bins located in public spaces.
- Wash your hands before and after handling the mask. Do not touch the mask during use.
- Remove, eliminate, and put on a new mask if it is damp, dirty, or broken.
- Remove the mask from the elastics or tape. Never touch its external part. It must be folded with the external face inwards and placed in a bag. Proceed to wash your hands with soap and water.
- Keep the mask in the original packaging, or in a bag if it is not going to be used.
2. Specific measures for family care 
2.1. Decision making for care
2.2. Measures for the care of mental health and strengthening of healthy coexistence in public space
2.3. Biosecurity measures in family dynamics in public space
2.4. Measures for the care of children and teenagers in public spaces
2.5. Measures for the care of adults over 70 years old in public space
3. Biosecurity measures when leaving and returning home
3.1. When leaving home
- Handwashing 
- Social distancing 
- Use alcohol or gel 
- Mandatory use of conventional mask
3.2. When returning home 
- Handwashing 
- Social distancing 
- Use alcohol or gel 
- Mandatory use of conventional mask
- Shoes and elements disinfection 
- Change clothes immediately and wash them separately
4. Measures in specific situations and activities 
4.1. Measures to be considered by pedestrians in public space
- Mandatory use of conventional mask
- Hand washing and physical distancing
- Use alcohol or gel
4.2. Measures to consider when using public transport
- Use alternative means of transport
- Mandatory use of conventional mask
- Hand washing and social distancing 
- Use alcohol or gel
4.3. Measures to consider when using private (family) transport
- People who are from the same family group can go in the same vehicle according to its maximum capacity
- Mandatory use of conventional mask
- Clean and disinfect surfaces such as handles, rudder, seats, among others
4.4. Measures to consider when engaging in outdoor physical activity
- Wash with soap and water or disinfect the elements of collective recreation such as balls before and after its use
- Wash and disinfect items such as skates, bicycles, and skateboards with soap and water
- Use conventional face masks permanently on bike lanes and in general in any public space where physical activity is carried out and avoid the creation of crowding points
- Maintain social distancing
4.5. Measures for interaction with pets
- Wash your hands before and after touching or playing with your pet, after cleaning and drying your dog after returning home
- Walk the dog daily between 10 and 15 minutes on a leash and muzzle if required; it is important not to let it go and prevent it from meeting other dogs
- Have an exclusive cleaning kit for your dog, which includes soapy water and disposable towels to clean and dry the parts exposed to the external floors (extremities) before entering home
5. Measures aimed at users and consumers of goods and services in public space
6. Surveillance of health conditions
7. Measures for the management of solid waste in public space

Monitoring of compliance with this protocol is in charge of the secretariat or the municipal or district entity responsible for supervising and controlling the use of public space. This, regardless the surveillance function that must be carried out by municipal, district or departmental secretariats.

See full text of Resolution 1513 of 020


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