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Brigard & Urrutia

Iván Camilo Montenegro

Admitted to practice law in:


Lawyer at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, specialist in Corporate Law, and experience in regulatory and corporate matters in the insurance industry. 


Firm: Brigard & Urrutia Abogados

Position: Associate

Entry year: 2017


Firm: QBE Seguros S.A.

Position: Coordinator of Regulatory Entities and Corporate Affairs

Entry year: 2015


Firm: Mapfre Seguros

Position: Corporate Affairs Lawyer

Entry year: 2014


Firm: BBVA Seguros Colombia

Position: Junior Lawyer

Entry year: 2013


Firm: Asociación Colombiana de Fondos de Pensiones y de Cesantía – Asofondos

Position: Legal Assistant

Entry year: 2008

Educational Background

University:  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana    

Program: Specialization in Corporate Law     

Degree: Corporate Law Specialist  

Year: 2017


University:  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana    

Program: Law    

Degree: Lawyer  

Year: 2013